Bodegas Proelio is a modern, dynamic and an avant-garde winery from the DOCa Rioja. And all that in a space characterised by the elegance and the purest tradition, which is the best guarantee of the highest quality.


Bodegas Proelio is based on three basic principles: the varieties we use to elaborate our wines; our own vineyard at an altitude of almost 800 metres; and their north orientation. This is our way to guarantee the varietal character of the grape, its freshness and acidity. These three conditions also characterise our wines and sum up our philosophy and understanding of their elaboration.

Proelio are wines that grow in face of adversity. They are the result of the work and the effort required by high altitude vineyards. That’s where our distinctive character lies.


La Asperilla are 30 hectares of vineyard with more than 45 years at the foot of Castillo de Clavijo. Far from being a uniform vineyard, within its borders there are higher and lower lands, more or less clayey soils, with an irregular presence of boulders. This diversity passes on to our wines, vinifying each zone individually to assign each vine to a different wine.

To obtain a higher concentration of aromas, colour, structure and taste, a performance control is carried out to reduce it as much as possible.

The ageing is especially delicate, because we want each process to respect the unique properties of our grapes.